9 Simple and Effective Exercises to Have Slim Calves


The calf muscles are usually overlooked by people, though familiar by far might they be with sports and body exercises. These muscles exist in the back of the lower legs, also back and beyond the exercisers’ focus.

Yet the largeness of your calf does determine the largeness of your lower leg.

In a wider context, many women are accustomed to the problem of large calves; this is because they wear high heels every day, which keeps their claves large as they walk on the balls of the feet. Doing proper exercises must reduce the enlarged calf muscles.

Effectively Functional Exercises to Get Slim Calves:

If you are immensely interested in reducing the calf muscles, follow the best 9 different types of exercises with attention riveted. Read on!

1.Calf Stretching with Foam Roller:

This exercise helps stretches the calf muscles. It can be carried out with the foam roller.

The Way to Do the Exercise:

It is, as all the exercises that follow, of five main steps:

  1. Stretch your legs on the floor; have both of your hands placed on the either sides of your back.
  2. Afterwards, have your knees straight as you place your legs on the foam roller.
  3. Then lift up buttocks from the floor in a slow way.
  4. Keep repeating the exercise for about a minute or a little more, with focus on both legs.
  5. You keep 3-4 repetitions for better results.


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