8 Effective Exercises to Slim Down Your Face


Your age is rarely determined through your formal personal documents, how your face looks may be much dependent when your age is in speculation by others. Wrinkles and loose skin, for instance, can make you much aged than you really are. While such effects are never aesthetically praised, they are not permanent. They rely on how ofetn the facial muscles are toned.

Though engaging in sports at clubs and homes, people usually neglect exercises on face. In this piece of writing, we share with you the exercises that work most effectively, the ones that contribute to your elastic skin and smooth face contours, thus you shall look as congruent to the age you pursue or much youthful.

* Warm up your muscles

First for most, take a warm-up which involves your facial muscles. Second, sing the following vowels: “I,“ ”O,“ “E,” and ”A”. These vowels usually have much active impact. As you can either sing in standing-up or sitting-down state, you had better keep the process till you have your face warmed.

№ 8

Start the exercise by tilting the head back while you are taking a seat. Then lift up your lower lip as if you wanted to reach the ceiling by it. This exercise must take about 7 minutes; keep doing it for 2-3 times, with short breaks in between.

№ 7

This is a standing-straight exercise. Raise your chin up in a slow way with your arms crossed over your chest. When you feel you reach the limit you couldn’t transcend, take along deep breath and count to 12. Finished, in a slow way again shall you return to the starting state.

№ 6

Enjoyable and simple, this exercise proves immense effectiveness. It helps to gaining elasticity in your cheeks. What you have to do is pulling the corners of your lips down, and up again to a normal position. Keep repeating the exercise for 5 times till you feel deep warm in your cheeks’ muscles.

№ 5

First take a seat, and without using teeth, have a pencil tightened between your lips. Then have an attempt to write your name, or your beloved’s name, in the hair. Note that your head mustn’t move while you are doing the exercise. The exercise should take about a couple of minutes; keep repeating it for several times, with short breaks in between.

№ 4

This exercise is good for muscles around your face and neck. First, tilt your head to the right as if you intent to touch your shoulder with your ear. Second, press your right hand against the right side of your head, while resisting with your head and neck. This is only for one side, repeat the application for the other side, and keep the each application for about 10 seconds.

№ 3

Start the exercise by taking a deep breath, close your lips in tight way, and suck in a mouthful of air. Afterwards, cover your ears with your fingers, with the hands’ palms on cheeks. Try to activate your muscles to resist the press of hands on cheeks. Keep it for 8 seconds. Then take a short break, and repeat the exercise for about 5 times.

№ 2

Open your mouth a bit, and have teeth covered with your lips. Then push your lower jaw forward, and push against your chin resisting the tightening finger on it. Keep repeating the exercise for 10 times.

№ 1

It will emerge a bit difficult, but its influences on jaw muscles and muscles under the tongue are positively amazing. First put both of your fists under your chin, then press your tongue against the bottom of your mouth. Use your fists again to push your chin up, and resist the pressure with your tongue. Keep it for 30 seconds. And repeat the exercise 10 times, with short breaks in between.

Training your face in these exercises on a daily basis will be demonstrating fascinating results on your face skin,. Remember, your face matters as much as the rest of your body! Don’t leave it in negligence, accordingly.



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